Thursday, March 13, 2008

March- So far

So far March has been relatively un-eventful. Landen and Jordan are trying to walk, and like every child who is learning to walk, are extremely funny to watch as they stumble around like they're drunk and then laugh at everything! And Preston is growing and learning and changing so much that if it's been more than a month since you saw him last, you would be amazed! He can say pretty much anything, and has started counting. He loves to label everything- which is nothing new, but he is labeling them in ENGLISH, not in PRESTON-ESE!!
We took Preston to the circus last weekend and it was so fun to watch him interact with our friends The Baers. He was climbing from lap to lap, stealing Derrick's candy and Shaylee's light sword, and was clapping every time he saw something that excited him!
Anyways, that's enough about the Coles for now... exept to say that Adam and I are still alive- so all things considered life is good!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Jordan and Landen's first B-day!

Click to play Twins' first B-day!
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My Good News!!

No, I'm not pregnant!!! I just wanted to share my excitement for being accepted into the program to become a Bradley Method of Natural Child Birth Instructor! By the end of this year I will be teaching other couples how to enjoy the birth of their child, not just watch it! YAY!

Preston, Landen and Jordan

Preston, Landen and Jordan