Monday, April 26, 2010

Swimming anyone?

So Adam started his crazy travel schedule for work last week, he'll be gone the majority of weekdays (and by that I mean like 90% of them) all summer long. I'm hoping to find lots of activities for the summer that include me and the four boys not being at home. The only problem with that is finding things we can do without too much stress and where I can breastfeed a baby with relative comfort. I guess I could just take them swimming, you're already half naked anyways, why not have a little extra boob hanging out?!
So with that in mind, who wants to go swimming with us this summer? !!! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

4 months later :)

So 4 months later I am finally getting another update on here. It would be nice if I could do this more regularly so that I wouldn't have to call it an "update" every time I post something.
So we'll start with the oldest: Adam has taken up running and is doing pretty good at it. He has lost some weight (not that he needed to ;) and is getting in shape.
Me: I'm not running, but I did get an elliptical machine, that I haven't used in almost a month. Oh, well, I'll have time to get in shape when Dallyn starts kindergarten!
Preston: is learning how to read! He is one of those kids who doesn't respond well to 'structured learning time' so we mostly just let him guide us to his interests and help him expand on them. Reading has finally taken priority for him so we have been doing a lot of story time.
Jordan: had surgery on his eyes in the middle of February. His right eye had been crossing and his left eye would turn in on occasion as well. The Doctor decided it would be best to correct it with surgery so he went under the knife. I'm happy to report that it was considered a success. I do notice from time to time a little bit of crossing still, but usually it's when he's tired, so hopefully that is normal. We have our last post-op appointment next month so I will "update" you all then!
Landen: is our trouble maker!! I don't know where he got his stubborn defiant attitude from! I know it wasn't me, I swear, I have never been stubborn or defiant in my life!! He is a good kid though, and has a good heart, so we hold out hope that this is only a phase and eventually he'll start minding us. In the mean-time we keep trying different mind games and tricks to get him to behave. Like we wanted him to get in his bed the other night so we told him not to, and low and behold.... :)
Dallyn: is almost 6 months old!! We haven't started solid foods just yet (still exclusively breastfeeding) but I can tell he is getting ready for it. He reaches for our food all the time and can hold a sippy with water in it. He is also rolling and scooting all over the place. No crawling yet, but I'm sure it's just around the corner.
So that is that, our "update" for now. I will end this post now before making any empty promises to be a better blogger!

Preston, Landen and Jordan

Preston, Landen and Jordan