Monday, April 26, 2010

Swimming anyone?

So Adam started his crazy travel schedule for work last week, he'll be gone the majority of weekdays (and by that I mean like 90% of them) all summer long. I'm hoping to find lots of activities for the summer that include me and the four boys not being at home. The only problem with that is finding things we can do without too much stress and where I can breastfeed a baby with relative comfort. I guess I could just take them swimming, you're already half naked anyways, why not have a little extra boob hanging out?!
So with that in mind, who wants to go swimming with us this summer? !!! :)


Andrea, Mrs. said...

Pick me! I do. You can come to my pool--when it opens.

Alyssa said...

Sounds good to me, keep me posted!!

Preston, Landen and Jordan

Preston, Landen and Jordan