Monday, May 10, 2010

If I were rich:

If I were rich: (I could pretend I would give ALL of it to the poor and needy, but come-on, I'm not that selfless.)

1. I would buy a house with a BIG dining room and BIG kitchen and a BIG garden area and a BIG jetted tub.

2. I would buy a brand new Ford Expedition EL with leather interior and two tv screens that fold down from the ceiling like on airplanes.

3. I would take sewing, tennis, and piano lessons... and maybe a cooking class just to hone my skills!

4. I would pay someone to do my scrap-booking so I could have a precious keepsake to pass on to each of my boys instead of throwing a pile of pictures at them when they ask about their childhood.

5. I would change the paint color and curtains in my living room about as often as I change the toilette paper roll!

6. I would teach my childbirth classes for free.

7. I would take my kids on destination vacations where they could experience life and the world and all of God's beautiful creations.

8. I would give AWESOME birthday presents to the people I love the most.

9. I would hire a maid to keep the walls, windows, toilettes, carpet and baseboards clean, oh and make the beds.

10. I would pay to fly my parents out ever other weekend so they could experience their grandchildren growing up.

11. I would find at least 10 more things that would be nice to have or do if I were just a little richer....

Hmmm... I guess I'll just have to be happy with being happy where I am :)


Trista said...

I wouldn't give the money away either.

Anonymous said...

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