Friday, October 17, 2008

The A says Ahhh

So I know I say this all the time, but the kids are growing and learning so much everyday that I am surprised almost every time they open their mouths! This morning when I was changing Landen's diaper Preston was watching a show on PBS called "Super Why?" It is a show that teaches kids about letters and words. One of the characters asked what the B says and Landen goes Buh-Buh-Buhhhh! Next the show explained the sound 'OX' to make the word 'box' and Landen laid there saying "box, box, box!" It took me completely off guard. We have a DVD by Leap-Frog that teaches the letters and their sounds but I didn't realize how effective it was (thanks Angie for the referral). Preston has learned all his letters and sounds, but up to this point the twins would just copy whatever we said, the difference this time was that Landen answered the question before Preston did!
Then later in the morning Jordan knocked Landen down and gave him a bloody nose (on accident of course!) I took Landen into the kitchen so he wouldn't bleed all over my almost-white carpet. He was crying and screaming on our way in but when he saw the fruit bowl on the counter he just stopped crying completely and goes "I want uh apple." Clear as day! I was more then impressed with my one child genius so I decided to see if Jordan could say it too. I told him to say apple and clear as day he goes "apple" Yesterday the twins were calling apples 'bappus' but for some reason today they can say apple as well as you and me! Everyday a new discovery, every day we get one step closer to a complete exit of the Cole house's baby stage... for now at least ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Teaching more than Natural Childbirth

I know it's been a while since one of my infamous rants on the worth of a natural childbirth- and I'll try to refrain from sounding too preachy- but now that I'm teaching my Bradley classes I have to give a shout out to my super great students. They are such awesome couples and have actually taught me a lot about why natural childbirth is not just important for the health of the mother and baby, but can also be a huge boost to a marriage through the bonding that creates a family when a child is born. I have two first time Mommy's and Daddy's in my class and one couple who is pregnant with their third. I get such joy every week as we talk about not just how to have a natural childbirth, but seeing how much their relationships can be strengthened by working together to get through one of the most important moments of their lives- the creation of a new one! The way the fathers in our class have become so much more attentive to their wives needs, the way the moms have learned to trust and lean on their husbands- I'm blown away! I didn't realize how much influence these classes could have on people's lives, I only knew how much mine and Adam's relationship was improved and how much I appreciated him for being an active part of the birth, and not just the conception. I'm not saying that couples who have epidurals are any less loving towards one another or their children, I just think that there is a power behind creation that is numbed with the use of drugs. A power that is spiritual, emotional, and amazing. A power that bonds us together as a family when two loving individuals work as one. I haven't even mentioned how amazing it made me feel as a woman to have achieved what society has deemed to be the impossible. To connect with your body, to work with it, to feel the decent of your child and experience the power of it's entrance into the world is indescribable. When you take the drugs you are surrendering your power as a woman to the directions of a Doctor or Midwife. On the same note if you haven't had any training or education about how to have a natural childbirth then to try it would most likely be a very unpleasant experience.
I don't know if I'm really saying this the way I want too. I guess my point would be better made by saying whether it is you first or your tenth child it's never to late to experience the empowerment of a natural childbirth, the bonding power of full husband participation, and the ability to fully enjoy the process. I hope that soon I will be able to post my students birth stories so that you can see first hand how natural childbirth benefited them.

Preston, Landen and Jordan

Preston, Landen and Jordan