Saturday, February 23, 2008

More about Natural Child Birth

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those "Granola" people (no offense intend to those who are, more power to you, but I love my store bought sliced bread and I can't live without my Oreos!!) I just have very passionate feelings about natural birth. I think it goes beyond the choice of 'medicated' or 'non-medicated', I think it is more to me about women who are expecting a child taking the time to really investigate their options. If you find out your pregnant and you go to your doctor to find out what to do next, how this is going to work, and what to expect then you are going to become dependent on them for your knowledge. Why don't more women think about that before just yeilding their pregnancy and ultimate labor to a doctor who has absolutely no intimate knowledge of them. To them, you are a patient first, a person second.
What if we all say, "OK, I could get pregnant, (or I am pregnant), what's next for me?" and how about if we try to answer that question ourselves instead of trying to find out from our doctor. You typically find out you are pregnant at the ripe gestational age of 2-3 weeks. Most doctors wont even schedual an apointment for you until you are 10 weeks along or 8 gestational weeks. That means that you have at least a month from the time you find out you are pregnant until your first meeting with any 'professional.' Take this time to talk to your friends, family, do some research. Dont just find out 'what's next?' find out what comes after that. And then after that... and finally, decide early on how you want it all to end. Knowledge is power! The more you have the better off you and your baby will be. Empower yourself! Don't give in to the idea that "oh, but it hurts" think about is as something that proves your strength, your conciousness of feminine nature, and the love you have for your child.
Everyone has a different birth story, don't let your doctor write yours.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

5 reasons why I am done nursing...

The top five reasons I'm stopping nursing on March 2nd (or there abouts)! This is just a disclaimer, if your afraid of the word Boob, stop reading now.

5. I'm losing weight that I don't have to lose. I can't eat enough to retain any calories, and trust me, I eat ALL DAY LONG!

4. When you have two babies sleeping at your boobs, how do you carry them to their cribs and put them down without waking them up????

3. Preston knows that when I'm nursing the babies he can do whatever he wants, and he does.

2. If you don't count the 4 month break between nursing Preston and starting with Landen and Jordan, and then double the 1 year that it has been with them (because double the babies, double the time), I have been nursing for almost 3 years.

and the #1 reason to stop breastfeeding: TEETH!!!!!!!!!! TEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH!!!!!!!! TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH!!!!!!!!!! Once they get those things they can chew their food, not my breast!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Today I saw something on tv that disturbed me deeply. Jay Leno has a segment on his show called Jay-Walking where he goes out into public and talks to random people on the street about variouse things. Today he went around with pictures of our Presidential hopefulls; Mit Romney, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, etc. It wasn't even funny how un-informed people were about the candidates for the most prestigiouse office in the world. When shown a picture of John Edwards a woman had no idea who he was. When asked who she voted for in 2004 all she could remember was that it was the democrat. I mean come on!!! It's one thing to not be sure of the political stands of the county clerk that you vote for, it's another to not even recognize the vice presidential candidate, of whom you voted for!
I wouldn't consider myself an activist for any specific political stand, but I vote, and I try my best with three kids and my families future to worry about to make sure I know a little bit about who I can vote for. So many say that the most important thing you can do is vote, but I say if you don't know who you're voting for stay home and let the people who really care about this nation make an informed decision.
Jay Leno said it best as he wrapped up the segment "You deserve the government you get."

Natural Child Birth

This is in no way ment to offend any one who may choose to have a medicated birth, but I have to say I am more an advocate for natural birth than ever. The more studies that come out about variouse things pertaining to common ways we birth and or raise our children the more I am starting to understand the saying less is more. Recently they did a study and found that infant and child body washes contain a chemical that is absorbed through the skin and expelled in their urin. Can you believe that! Something as simple and normal as bathing your child can cause them to absorb CHEMICALS!! So what makes people think that having an epidural isn't going to affect their tiny little baby? I'm not saying your bad for having one, and I know this is going to be an eternal debate, but having given birth all naturally and also having had a c-section, I would prefer the "end-in-site" "I'm in control"pain of natural birth any day!!!

Preston, Landen and Jordan

Preston, Landen and Jordan