Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wow, I'm a really bad blogger!

For someone who likes to talk as much as me and tell stories about everything and nothing all at once, I really am a crappy blogger. I guess all of my other vises have been trumped by laziness and the sheer convenience of speaking my mind via Facebook.
So I guess I'm long over-do for an update and some pictures of our latest addition to the family :)
Dallyn was born in October after about 10 hours of active labor (and 2 days of not so active labor preceding that). He was a whopping 8lbs 5 oz, and I say it that way because he was our biggest baby yet. Oh, and did I mention he was born at home in the water and that I 'caught' him myself under the watchful eye and EXTREMELY helpful hand of our midwife Rebecca Williams. Yep that's right, if you haven't kept up on prior blogs we are 'those' kind of people ;)
Since then we have had the joys of celebrating the holiday season starting with the older boys all being train characters from Thomas and Friends for Halloween. Then we were able to have my mom, dad, sister Jessica and her husband Ben, sister Danielle and her husband Joey, and brother Erik and his girlfriend Ashley come out for Thanksgiving. It was such a wonderful visit with them and was culminated by being able to have Dallyn blessed with my brother and brother-in-laws in the circle with Adam. (my eyes are tearing up as I type this)
As the year wound down we celebrated our first Christmas at home since our kids were born. It was so much fun to have our little family dinner for Christmas Eve and see the excitement in their eyes as we put the kids to bed knowing that Santa was coming that night. When they woke up Christmas morning Adam and I were already up and working in the kitchen to get food ready for Christmas dinner at Amanda and Austin's house, they didn't even come to get us, they just went straight for the tree and started opening presents! I got at least one good photo of them pre-wrapping paper disaster zone that I will post shortly (have to find the cable to upload them to the computer :)
I think one of the reason's I felt such a need to post today is because my little Preston turned 4 years old. I love that kid so much! He makes me smile everyday and I thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us with such choice spirits in the children we have. After 5 1/2 years of marriage, 2 apartments, 1 condo, and 1 house, 6 cars, and 4 kids later I feel like the luckiest woman in the world! Here's to 2010, maybe I'll be a better blogger this year, but don't bet on it!!!


Trista said...

It is about time for an update!

Eric, Jennifer, David, Kenny, & Katy said...

Hey you, I want to follow your blog, but don't see the button for it. Am I missing something?

Alyssa and Adam said...

Trista- Sorry, I told you I suck! I even made a goal to blog once a month... FAIL!!
Jennifer- I can't add you either, it said that you are a private blog, so send me an invite or something :)

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